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Supplement To Improve Visual Function

Sense of sight is one of the main and most important five senses in humans. In general, humans obtain and analyze 80% of their environmental information through observation. Unfortunately, factors such as working with a computer, watching TV, and driving at night can put strain on the eyes. In addition, lack of sleep, dry air or nicotine can cause damage to them. You need a certain amount of vitamins, micronutrients, and plant-based nutrients to get proper vision, some of which your body is unable to make. Therefore, the use of these substances in the daily diet or in the form of medication is necessary to strengthen the eyes. Taking the best weak eye strengthening pills and medicines is very useful for patients with visual impairments or people who do not have a proper diet. Nik Cina Exir Company has produced and offered VimExir Eye Supplement. VimExir Vision Supplement to enhance your vision.

Vision Enhancement Supplement

Supplements Help Improve Vision

Supplements Help Improve VimEaxir Vision

Each vision supplement can contain 30 pills, each of which consists of the following components

0 +

Mg of mental zinc

0 +

Micrograms of vitamin A

IU 0 +

Vitamin E

0 +

Mg Xanthine

0 +

Mg of lutein

If you care about strengthening your eyesight, do something right now

Experts Supplement Vision Enhancement

Nik Cina Exir is proud to always use the point of view of experts. You can see the opinion of some experts about Wimaxir vision supplement

Dr. Parisa Rahimi Pharmacist

VimExir eye enhancement product is only suitable for vision enhancement; It is suitable for all people who suffer from micronutrient deficiencies such as zinc, xanthine and lutein, vitamins E and A, and for people with inherited eye diseases that cause night vision loss and vision loss, such as retinitis pigmentosa.

Dr. Frank Mahdavi Pharmacist

VimExir Eye Supplement contains two powerful antioxidants and these substances are able to protect against free radicals that our eyes are always exposed to and increase night vision. It is also recommended for people who have cataracts or who have had eye surgery due to cataracts, because it contains high amounts of lutein and is very suitable for people with cataracts.

Dr. Maedeh Yaghoubi Pharmacist

Due to the fact that due to coronation, education has been online for a long time and students and teachers were required to use online systems, which causes damage to light-sensitive cells in the eye, the complementary product Wimxir vision enhancement is very suitable for solving problems caused by long-term use of computers.

Dr. Shima Behshad Pharmacist

VimExir vision enhancement supplement eliminates the body's need for micronutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, lutein, xanthine and zinc, and for all people who use computers and smartphones and are exposed to blue light for a long time and the possibility of To computer vision syndrome in these people is high; It is very suitable and recommended. Also, people today suffer from age-related macular degeneration due to old age, and the amount of micronutrients in this supplement can improve and reduce the complications and problems caused by macular degeneration.

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