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At Nik Cina Exir, we believe that all human beings deserve to be promoted healthily and to improve their lives

So with this belief, we are committed to always offer products with the highest level of quality by applying up-to-date knowledge

We will always stick to innovation, hoping for a healthier society and a better tomorrow

Nik Cina Exir Goals

The company intends to register and produce more than 50 pharmaceutical products, supplements, natural products and pharmaceutical supplies before the end of 1403, to have a small role in providing and completing the basket of prevention and treatment products in the country. Although providing the products needed by our dear compatriots is a priority of the company's goals, but considering the quality of the products produced, the company will definitely have a glimpse of the export market of its products.

It is hoped that with the efforts of the company's partners, including shareholders, managers, experts and other staff, and with the benefit of the support of relevant organizations, especially the Food and Drug Administration, and relying on the blessings of God Almighty to achieve the above goals

The purpose of this company is derived from the slogan of this company: products in the dignity of health, creating health and well-being for the human community has been given priority


Using the best formulations to produce products

The use of the best and highest quality raw materials, especially in the field of effective materials

Using the best and newest production lines and cooperation with the best pharmaceutical companies

Using the best and highest quality partner laboratories to perform tests of raw materials and products

Using the best and most skilled personnel of production and packaging lines

Accurate and continuous monitoring and compliance with all necessary rules and standards

Obtaining all the necessary permits from the Food and Drug Organization and the continuous supervision of that organization on the activities of this company

Compilation and implementation of all quality control and assurance rules according to international standards

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